About Suzie Sings & Signs

Suzie Sings & Signs is a unique, personalised and vibrant combination of music, song, dance, and role play.

It's raining! Come and shelter under Suzie's umbrella!

It’s raining! Come and shelter under Suzie’s umbrella!

Music, movement and signing are brought together in an activity designed by experienced practitioners and parents, Suzie and Clare , especially for children with additional needs.


We have fun and enjoy music, movement and role-play with friends and family in a happy, safe and inclusive environment.

We run five themed and structured programmes over a year, each offering a balanced selection of songs and action rhymes to maintain variety and excitement.

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Props, puppets and musical instruments are used to develop a range of skill sets and provide opportunities to enhance children’s imaginative play.  Movement and dance help children’s sensory and physical development.

Suzie Sings & Signs caters for a wide age range of children and young people with varying abilities, including:

Speech Delay (including non-verbal)

Global Developmental Delay (GDD)

Mild, moderate and severe learning difficulties

Physical difficulties

Autistic spectrum disorders

Downs Syndrome

Hearing difficulties


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