Suzie is engaging with Izzy through speech and sign

Suzie is engaging with Izzy through speech and sign

Where and when are your sessions?

Our fun and interactive sessions take place on Saturday mornings at Stepping Stones School, Hindhead, Surrey GU26 6SU.

Click here for dates and times of upcoming sessions.  If you would like to attend any of these sessions, please send us a message from our Contact Us page.

How much does it cost?

The session cost per family is £4 payable as you attend.  You do not need to book in advance, but it is helpful if you can let us know if you are planning to come along either by e-mail (see Contact Us page) or via our Facebook page.

Would Suzie Sings & Signs suit my child?

Suzie Sings and Signs has been set up to provide a music and movement experience for children with additional needs. We have been running since the Autumn of 2013 and since then have welcomed children of all ages up to about fourteen and with a wide range of needs and abilities. These include children on the autistic spectrum, those with global developmental delay, epilepsy, Downs Syndrome and other chromosomal conditions, children with hearing impairments and those with both moderate and severe learning difficulties.

Of course, not every activity will suit every child, but we aim to do our best to provide an experience that will be fun for everyone.

My child’s little sister loves music, can they join in too?

We love it if siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles want to come along and join in with the singing and signing too…the more the merrier!

Our families often tell us how lovely it is to be able to do an activity together that everyone enjoys.

What will my child get out of Suzie Sings & Signs?

In our sessions, we include action and clapping rhymes, designed to improve motor skills and body awareness; supporting physio and occupational therapy. The use of a variety of musical instruments helps to encourage the development of fine motor skills.

By using props and puppets, we provide opportunities to enhance children’s imaginative play skills in a highly structured way.

By including signing along with our singing we encourage the development of communication and social skills, allowing both verbal and non-verbal children to progress and grow in confidence.

And, of course, the music itself that develops rhythm and supports the development of the brain.

What is it like to go to Suzie Sings & Signs?

We love to see new faces, so will be very happy to welcome you!

Our sessions start with the same welcome song and end with the same two goodbye songs. The songs and rhymes in the middle are changed every few weeks. Over the course of the year, we have 5 terms, where each set of songs is designed to provide a good variety to keep everyone entertained. After our goodbye songs, we do some dancing…. time to show off those groovy moves!

There’s always time to chat to us and to other families afterwards.

My child sometimes has anxiety issues that make it difficult for her to enjoy activities as much as she could.

Please tell us beforehand what might upset your child, then we will do our best to limit the possibility of these things becoming a problem. We have some children coming who do not like very loud noises, so we make sure that the volume on the sound equipment is turned down a little. We use carpet mats for people to sit on for comfort (!) and to give an individual their own ‘zone’. Some of our children don’t like bubbles, so we make sure we don’t blow any their way, and some are a little upset by Suzie’s hat, so when they are present, the hat stays in the bag!

Will my son’s wheelchair be a problem?

Not at all. Our venues are fully accessible. There is disabled parking available and there are disabled toilet facilities, although without hoists.


And don’t forget, if you want to take Suzie home with you, she has CDs of each of the five terms of songs for you to enjoy at home and in the car!

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