Session Content

To provide our children with a consistent focus, we’ve created five themed and structured sessions over a year, each with a balanced selection of songs and rhymes to maintain variety and excitement.


Fergie takes his ticket to ride on the bus.

Fergus takes his ticket to ride on the bus.

The props, puppets and musical instruments we use change with each theme to help to develop a range of skill sets and provide plenty of opportunities to enhance children’s imaginative play.

Each theme has a different variety of movement songs that help develop muscle strength and of course, provide a release for all that explosive energy!

We repeat each block of songs over a number of weeks which allows the children to remember the sequence, predict what is going to happen next and join in more successfully. Their delight in being able to do so is evident; their confidence and self-esteem improved by this sense of achievement.

We help children to cope with change by preparing them and their carers before each new set of songs is about to start. We have five professionally recorded CDs available for families to listen to, learn and enjoy at home, in the car, or wherever they want…

Our five interactive programme themes are:  BUSSHIPTRAINSUBMARINECAR

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