MOVE…to stimulate coordination and motor skills

Pretending to be elephants, sining our long trunk arms and stomping from side to side

Pretending to be elephants, swinging our long trunk arms and stomping from side to side

Music can help to stimulate movement and dance, developing vital muscle coordination, balance and strength.

Children become more aware of their bodies, focusing on the different body parts and the way they move.

This improves strength and flexibility, increases circulation and is great cardiovascular exercise.

The pleasure of music can relax the mind, releasing anxiety and muscle tension, allowing for easier movement.

With the excitement of the sessions, the children can really push themselves and make great improvements in their range of movements, from marching to waving, and clapping to stamping.

Self-expression and creative movement can be particularly wonderful for non-verbal children where their dancing is a natural response to the music.

Suzie Sings & Signs uses movement as a creative outlet for feelings, helping to improve mental and emotional well-being.

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